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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Who is Eligible to join Home Team Medical?

People Aged 70 or older with any of the following:

  • Multiple or complicated medical conditions
  • Disabling physical or mental symptoms
  • Needing some assistance with care or problems with daily function
  • Problems with mobility
  • Difficulty getting to a doctor’s office
  • Living in the catchment area

2.  Can I Keep my Family Doctor if I Join Home Team Medical?

No, you must change doctors and we will  take over your primary medical care. Medical care for the elderly can become very complex. It is vital that only one professional provides continuity of care and coordinates clinical services.

3.     If I am Elderly and Sick at Home, can I call  Home Team Medical Services for Temporary Treatment until I am well enough to see my Family Doctor?

 No,  we do not provide temporary episodic services. We only serve people who join our practice.

 4.       Will you come to the Western Communities or Sydney to see me?

No, we are currently only able to serve  a certain geographical catchment area. Please see our map

5.      How Often does the Home Team Medical Team Visit?

We monitor chronic conditions and peoples’ wellbeing on a regular basis. Our nurse will usually visit people every 4-8 weeks if there are no other problems. The physician will also periodically see people to review their conditions and medications.  You may be seen more frequently if your condition changes or your medications are altered . People who are acutely ill will be seen within one working day and followed until they are better.

6.      Will the Home Team Medical Physician look after me in Hospital?

The Home Team physicians do not have admitting privileges  for hospital care. However, we have Associate Privileges which allows us to visit people and write in the chart. As soon as we know that someone has gone to the emergency department or hospital,  we send a summary of their health record to the hospital. The Home Team Medical doctor will go to the hospital once a week to visit patients, monitor changes in care and help coordinate discharges. The hospital physician may also call us whenever there is a concern, or need for clarification.  We may not be notified if someone has gone to hospital,  so please call our office as soon as you know

 7.       Will the Home Team Medical Team Continue to Look after Me if I Move to a Nursing Home?

The focus of our care is to keep people in the community.  Once someone goes into a nursing home they are usually safe,  have access to an Interdisciplinary Team and may not need our services. For these reasons and  lack of resources, we only follow people in a  limited number of facilities in Victoria.  You can check with our office for more information.  You will need to transfer to another physician if you move to a nursing home not serviced by Home Team Medical.

8.       Is Home Team Medical Covered by MSP?

The direct medical services, hospital care, specialists and labs are all covered by MSP.  The Team services  and some of the indirect medical care (e.g. prescription renewals and email communication) are not publically insured services through MSP. People who join Home Team can choose to pay an annual practice fee for all of the non-insured and Team services or pay for  each of these services as they are used

9.       Will I have Access to Medical Specialists or to  Lab Services if I need them?

Yes, you will have the same access to  these benefits  as every other person in Victoria. Please note that joining Home Team Medical does not give you preferential access to these public services

10.   Will  I Still be Eligible for Home and Community Supports if I join Home Team Medical?

Yes, you will be eligible for all of the Long Term Care programs  and  Case Management. We are in close communication with the Long Term Care Program

11.    Does Home Team Medical Provide Home Support Services such as Bathing Assistance, Medication Reminders or Foot Care?

No,  we only provide professional clinical assessment and management services. People can obtain home support services privately or through the Long Term Care Program

12.   Does the Doctor need to see me for a refill of my medications?

 No, just call your pharmacy when you need a refill and they will contact our office


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