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  • Your primary
    health team.
    At home.

    Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.
  • Preserving
    dignity and
    quality of life

    Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.
  • Preventing

    Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.
  • Supporting

    Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.
  • Helping
    people stay
    at home

    Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.

  • Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.

    Your primary
    health team.
    At home.

  • Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.

    dignity and
    quality of life

  • Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.


  • Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.


  • Comprehensive, innovative,
    and compassionate care for seniors.

    people stay
    at home

Our Story

We are an integrated team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, rehabilitation aides, and care coordinators, helping to improve quality of life and increase independence for older people and their families.

We currently provide home-based healthcare for people between the ages of 75 and 105

Dr. Ted Rosenberg, an award-winning physician, developed the model for HomeTeam Medical Services in 2003. After working in both public health and geriatric medicine, it became clear to him that primary health care for seniors was more effective when delivered by a team in the home. This model improved the accuracy of assessments and was easier for both seniors and their caregivers. Long-term follow up care for individuals promotes trusting relationships. This trust is needed to make important health care decisions when issues arise and to meet each patient’s individual goals.

Since 2003, HomeTeam Medical Services has added physiotherapists, rehabilitation aids, and care coordinators to our team of nurses and physicians. Our reputation has grown, and we now receive referrals from hospitalists, other physicians, home care nurses and case managers, retirement homes and assisted living facilities, as well as patients and their families.

Model of Care

We are experts in delivering comprehensive and compassionate care to elderly patients using our unique Model of Care.
Our experienced
team includes:




Rehabilitation Assistants

Care Coordinators

Our Goals

quality of life

Improve fitness
and function


Prevent or delay transfer to nursing homes

Support caregivers, reducing caregiver burden

Help people to stay in their homes as long as possible

Proven Methods

A study published in 2012 in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society looked at patients in the year before joining our practice, compared to patients in the year after joining Home Team.

The study found:


reduction in hospital admissions


reduction in emergency room visits


of deaths occurred at home, instead of in hospital


fewer days in hospital per year, on average

SHARP Assessment

The Seniors Health Assessment, Report, and Plan (SHARP) is the core component of our health status assessment and informs our individualized care plan. It is not a traditional annual physical exam. The SHARP is an evidenced-based, comprehensive, multi-dimensional assessment of: quality of life, function, mood, cognition, physical strength, stamina, balance, and nutrition.

A study published in the BMJ Open following elderly people for 18 months, showed that the components of the SHARP were much stronger predictors of deaths, nursing home transfer, and hospital admission, compared to medical diagnoses, drug utilization and other traditional risk factors.

We use the results from the SHARP to help individuals and their families plan care to effectively meet their personal goals.

The SHARP assessment is completed at least annually, to objectively track changes in health status and adjust our care plan.

We are part of the

healthcare system

Most of our physician services, as well as laboratory and medical imaging services, are covered by our provincially-funded healthcare plan (i.e. MSP). There are no extra costs for these insured services.

The interdisciplinary team is the foundation of HomeTeam Medical Services. Similar to community clinics, agencies, and gyms, private professional services including physiotherapy, rehabilitation, nursing, personal trainers, and care coordinators are not insured by our provincial health plan. As such, people are required to pay a private annual fee for these professional services.

At HomeTeam Medical Services, we do not provide physician services independent of the integrated team.


Age 70+

Problems in ANY of the following areas

  • Mobility
  • Chronic Pain
  • Other disabling symptoms like fatigue,
    loss of vitality and breathlessness
  • Daily functioning
  • Cognitive impairment and mood
  • Complex health issues
  • Difficulty accessing care

Wanting to improve your Healthspan

Live in our catchment area


  • We were lucky to find HomeTeam Medical at a time when Mom’s health was failing as quickly as her pain was gaining. Many things attracted us to HomeTeam Medical, including a medical practice based on the latest geriatric literature and experience, home visits that provided a fuller picture of the patients’ living conditions and healthcare needs, and a team approach with RNs, LPNs and physiotherapists. Appointments were never rushed, and everything was explained thoroughly to both Mom and the family.

    As caregivers, we had what was missing, peace of mind. As a family, we are forever in the debt to Dr. Ted Rosenberg and his team!

    — Family of M.C.
  • Dr. Rosenberg and the HomeTeam Medical team provided thorough and comprehensive care during the eight years Mom was living in a retirement home in Victoria. As family members living farther away and abroad, we very much appreciated being able to communicate about my mother’s health and receive quick reports and recommendations as soon as a concern arose. Dr. Rosenberg is an excellent diagnostician, always demonstrating good judgement, a great communicator and listener, and very patient. Over the years, we have all came to consider Dr. Rosenberg almost like a member of the family.

    — Family of G.G.
  • I work in a Retirement Residence and have been involved with many residents who are patients of HomeTeam Medical.

    Dr. Rosenberg and his team provide ongoing care, home visits, nursing care and physiotherapy. They work with seniors to provide services they may not otherwise be able to obtain. 

    The benefits of this service in our current situation are very beneficial to the senior patient.  

    — L.M. Community Relations Director 
  • Regular checkups and visits in the comfort of their own home from Dr. Rosenberg and his team were of primary importance in keeping my parents in their home as long as was practicable. As a caregiver for both my parents for many years, HTMS provides me the immense peace of mind that comes with knowing they are well looked after and supported by this wonderful group of medical professionals. Communication, particularly as my parents reached their 90s, has been excellent. Any queries or concerns of mine have all been quickly addressed. 

    I am so very grateful that my parents made the wise decision to join HomeTeam Medical Services. 

    — Daughter of A.M and J.P.M.
  • My mother has been a patient of Rosenberg & HomeTeam Medical for more than a decade and Dr. Rosenberg is more than just a doctor. He demonstrates insight and a caring clinical manner that is paramount in connecting with his patients. Rosenberg’s team are exceptional in managing a complex pool of patients, and with my mother’s significant health concerns our family always felt they have a care plan and team to count on.

    — Son of F.S.

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    Patients wishing to join our practice must live in Greater Victoria, British Columbia.

    We DO NOT accept patients who live in the following areas: North of Sayward, Central Saanich, Sidney, Western Communities

    The map shows our geographical catchment area. If you live outside of this area, unfortunately we are unable to accept you as a patient in our practice at this time.

    If you live outside of the catchment area but would like to be notified if we expand to your area, please email us at


    Who is Eligible to join HomeTeam Medical Services?

    People aged 75 or older, living in our catchment area, with any of the following:

    • Complex medical conditions
    • Disabling physical or mental symptoms
    • Geriatric syndromes like chronic pain, mobility and balance problems, cognitive impairment, mental health problems
    • Difficulties with daily function like household management and personal care
    • Difficulty getting to a doctor’s office because of mobility and health problems
    Is HomeTeam Medical Covered by MSP?

    The direct physician services, hospital care, specialists, and labs are all covered by MSP (provincially-funded healthcare). Nursing and physiotherapy services, as well as indirect medical care (e.g. email communication over and above a maximum allowed) are not publicly insured services through MSP. Patients of HomeTeam Medical Services pay an additional annual fee for these uninsured professional services.

    Can I keep my current family doctor if I join HomeTeam Medical?

    No. Medical care for the elderly can become very complex. It is vital that only one professional provides continuity of care and coordinates clinical services.

    Can I call HomeTeam Medical for temporary treatment until
    I am well enough to see my family doctor?
    No, we do not provide temporary episodic services. We only serve people who join our practice.
    How often will the HomeTeam Medical team visit?

    It is our priority to monitor our patients’ wellbeing on a regular basis. People who are acutely ill will be seen within one working day and followed until they are better.  

    Otherwise, a nurse will routinely visit patients every 4-6 weeks if there are no acute problems. A physician will also see people proactively to review their conditions and medications. You will be seen more frequently if your condition changes or your medications are altered.

    Do I have to pay extra for physiotherapy visits?
    How many visits will I get?

    Our physiotherapists see patients if they have neuromusculoskeletal pain, mobility, and functional problems that require this intervention. Services also include acupuncture when available, as well as management of chronic pain until a patient’s condition stabilizes.

    Our rehabilitation assistants will work under the direction of the physiotherapist. They will follow patients for a course of exercises when needed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and conditioning.

    Will the HomeTeam Medical team continue to look after me
    if I move to a nursing home?

    You will need to transfer to another physician if you move to a nursing home or long-term care home. There are a couple of long-term care homes that we visit. You can check with our office for more information.  

    The focus of our care is to keep people in the community.  Once someone goes into a nursing home they are usually safe, have access to an interdisciplinary team, and may not need our services.   

    Will I still be eligible for home and community supports
    through Island Health if I join HomeTeam Medical?

    Yes, you will be eligible for Case Management and Home and Community Care, the homecare services provided by Island Health. Many of our patients utilize these services, and we are in close communication with these agencies.